Wednesday, 21 March 2012

My daughter Charlie. :)

This is Charlie, my first daughter. I had her 10 days after my 20th birthday (she was born on my mom's birthday). Being pregnant at 19 was quite something. I had only been with my boyfriend for about 6 months, living in a small and ugly apartment. We were engaged when I found out about the pregnancy. I was in Australia with no health care and realized I would have to go back home to Canada to deliver. My mom was living in Perth, Australia so I had to move in with my Dad in Toronto. I am closer to my mom so I was a bit disappointed although my dad was so supportive. I also had a few friends in Sydney that I would miss. I was living there for a year and was starting to consider it my home.

After we arrived back in Canada, my fiancé and I decided to get married before the baby was born, so I had a low budget wedding and a very small attendance, but it was still amazing. A few months after the delivery, I moved back out with my husband. This I think was the toughest year of my life. We were not making much money and had a hard time paying rent at times. I was lucky my daughter was so amazing and calm. Very easy baby to handle, but considering she was my first baby, I had so many uncertainties, but doing it was life changing and the best experience I have ever had.

I love hearing other people's stories and comments. How did you feel when you had your first child? Scared? Nervous? Happy?

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